Sunday, May 2, 2010

122. Uniformly individual

Jason and Warren have been buddies since their first year of Business Management studies at Macquarie. They were focussed on making the transition into investment banking ,and each was successful in his own way.

Warren is as equally determined to divest himself of ‘westie’ status as is Jason, and drives a maroon ’92 Nissan Bluebird. This has enabled him to clear the mortgage on a one bedroom flat at North Ryde and trade up to a two bedroom apartment at Moore Park Gardens in Bourke Road, just over the road from the golf course.

Jason, however, has an eye for the ladies and invested in a scarlet Honda 2000S. Although, he lives in a stylish apartment in Pyrmont, overlooking the casino, it is leased. The rest of his sizeable package from the bank is squandered at Royal Randwick, and his annual pilgrimage to the running of the bulls at Pamploma.


Joan Elizabeth said...

I like it .. leaves me thinking which of those boxes do I fit into.

Julie said...

When I reread, I should not have used 'squandered'. Too judgemental ...