Friday, May 14, 2010

134. Under pressure

He was definitely under pressure. The day was hot, the humid air was breathless. And, Glen was very keen to infect his audience with his own passion. Too keen. There is but a short distance from infect to inflict.

Meet Glen. His chosen topic is the Art-deco of the lower CBD of Sydney. Trailing him this morning, hanging off his every word, are close to forty middle-aged urban explorers. Unfortunately for Glen, these travellers are experienced walkers. And, when it comes to posing searching questions - m’dear – they don’t give a damn.

The perspiration commenced early. The voice croaked. The hands flailed. The memory froze. Without the individual microphones of the Coliseum in Rome, or the fluttering flag of the Campo in Siena, the troupe negotiated Glen’s path through the middle of the twentieth century.

Hopefully, he was wiser for the induction. He had to front again the following weekend.


Joan Elizabeth said...

"a short distance from infect to inflict." I like that. Sums up the story.

Clytie said...

I too was caught by that statement - a short distance from infect to inflict.

Alice Audrey said...

Being a tour guide is hard. I've seen lots of people mess it up.