Monday, May 3, 2010

123. Angels we have heard on high

Aunt Iris was one of those bothersome creatures who always needed someone less fortunate to assist through life. Unlike Sybil, her category wasn’t ‘the bleedin’ obvious’, but rather ‘casting nasturtiums’. Although, come to think of it, she would have given old Sybil a run for her money in either category. Assisting, according to Iris, meant ‘what’s in it for me”.

Iris was good at minding other people’s business. She was the master of the ‘sheer curtain’, poking her nose in here, there and everywhere. She called it being a good neighbour. Not only did she have eyes in the back of her head, but she had eyes on stalks, stalks that could see around corners and leap tall buildings. Go, go Gadget eyes!

Once she wheedled her way in, she used the natter she gleaned as a form of currency over the neighbourhood fence. Casting aspersions was an opening gambit.


Clytie said...

Love it! I know some people who are like this!!!

Clytie said...

Oh, and I absolutely love the "eyes on stalks that could see around corners" - perfect!

diane said...

I love "Master of the shear curtain". The Swiss are also.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I love each one of the images ... just wondering if them all together isn't overdone. But then again they have a busybodyishness about them that adds to the character.