Thursday, September 2, 2010

245. The other side of you

Ellen turned into Master’s Road. She was in a contemplative mood as she moved steadily in the early spring warmth. Not one to be a closed book, she was never-the-less hard to read, looking at the cover was never enough. There was a depth to her that was not apparent to other than the most thoughtful and patient of observers.

Ralph was just such a one. He squatted beside the tabac, idly rolling leaves of lavender between thumb and forefinger, lifting the bruised fragment and taking a deep draught – without once taking his eyes from the woman swaying his way, crowned in a halo of morning light. He shifted his buttock slightly as the exigencies of age prevailed over the passions of youth.

He knew the person walking toward him, the figure beside her, too.

From the corner of his lips, he acknowledged the tinkle of her fingers at hem-length.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

I've found some time to enjoy Riff this morning ... getting up early on weekdays means I have turned my clock around (no more late nights for me) and now I find myself on Sunday morning with a hour to spare before church when I am usually racing through the hot breakfast to get there on time.