Thursday, September 16, 2010

259. The corner deli

Although the hour was early, the sun was weak, and Brian was not done with the night before. Yet again, he had managed the bench outside Nick Gianni’s corner shop, and no further. Nick was used to keeping an eye on Brian, getting to him if the flashing colours warped the ground too much for him to remain upright; getting to him before the thin blue line came down from its patrol along the Macleay Street ridge.

Brian was a likeable enough chap, but there was less and less of him remaining, his moments of sanity being sparse in the hours of each day. He lived three doors away, through the laneway to the automotive repair shop, in a studio that banked into the damp of the rocky escarpment. His disability pension covered his meagre needs. His habit was funded by plying his body along The Wall over in Darlinghurst.


willow said...

These photos and vignettes are just delightful, Julie. I'm hooked.

Everyday Goddess said...

At first I thought he was just hanging out, maybe waiting to meet a friend. But his story is so sad, such a lost soul. I wish him well!

Julie said...

Thanks, Willow. It most certainly is a way of teaching myself how to write in a technical sense, but also how to create at the drop of a hat. I enjoy the process more as the year goes on. But, as you know elsewhere, I am ready to move on to meatier climes.

EG: He could have been just waiting for a friend, too. But to get my creative juices flowing, I embiggened the image until only the man on the bench was in the viewfinder, and took my creative lead from the angle of his hand and his concentration upon it.

Abbeysmum said...

Thank you for all your wonderful posts.
Hope you have a fantastic time in France, can't wait to see the pics.
The food is awesome,Enjoy !
There is a very good market in the Republique area twice a week, I think it was Wednesday and Saturday.

Abbeysmum said...

Sorry....Republique area in Paris.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I've just been doing a catch up. As always I am surprised at what you embiggen and also the diversity of these stories ... never a dull moment. Each a little gem.