Monday, January 18, 2010

18. Try not to be obvious

Harry hesitated as the pair brushed past him heading for the corner with Underwood Street.

Hang on a tick, let’s have a look at this menu, Amz.

But, I don’t want just any old place, Harry, you promised somewhere special!

Shh ... keep it low, and don’t turn around too quick. Just get a gander at those two sorts down the alley. Try not to be obvious! ... Geez, Amz.

Aimee pivoted, catching the full force of a withering stare from a lanky, brunette, right put out, at the end of her tether, and itching to rumble.

Soo ... who you lookin’ at? Bloody toffee-noses, think youse own the world. Come down here and I’ll give ya what for.

Aimee retreated in embarrassment and confusion, not wanting nor knowing how to deal with confrontation. Harry winked,blew the banshee an index-finger kiss, and, chuckling, escorted Aimee into the cramped cafe.


WILBO43 said...

What an interesting concept! Great blog

Julie said...

Thanks, Bill. Did Diane sule you onto me? I tried to come back to your blog but you have sooo many of them. I though I was bad!

Vicki said...

I love your characterisations in this one. Even without names, I would’ve known who was talking.

“…blew the banshee an index-finger kiss…” I can see it now.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Yes, this one works ... we know who the people are through the dialogue ... nicely crafted.

diane said...

Another great pocket sized drama. Well done. I'm trying to get Bill to continue with his Brisbane Daily Photo blog. I suggested he take a look at yours for ispiration. So next time you visit his maze of blogs pick out the "Our Brisbane and Surrounds" blog. He would love some comments.

Julie said...

Okay. Will do.