Sunday, January 3, 2010

3. Seeing is not perceiving

Chandeliers, New South Head Road, Edgecliff

The image is a blur that sways into and out of focus
While my eye dances to the mesmerising rhythm
Of its extended lens, endeavouring to transmit
Data to my addled brain to discern
The actual from the pretend, the real from the reflected .
To be able to fully see, sight becomes inadequate
My brain requires powers of thought to aid perception.

But to which facet do I direct my eye, and seeing such confusion
Is the flash of white brilliance sufficient to discriminate
The reflected image from the original, or
Does light in all its colours and minute rays
Deceive my sight and preclude my brain
From knowing its full form.
My mind from perceiving its true nature?

Are there scrambled images
That cannot be known through sight alone?
Arrayed hieroglyphs that defeat our eyes
Demanding more perception than mere sight?
Is a picture worth a thousand words?


Julie said...

This Riff was posted yesterday on Sydney Eye. This is the last of the double postings. Tomorrow this blog will have its own little baby. Wish me luck!

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Congratulations to the new birth of this brilliant blog Julie!

Words are so deep but worth pondering by. Perception is illuminated by this crystal reflection.

Beautiful prose and poetry!

Vicki said...

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but your riff adds a real depth to it. I'm impressed. I look forward to reading more.