Sunday, January 24, 2010

24. Endgame

Deep within the central chamber, they found relief from the baking sun and the biting sand, released their sodden back-packs onto the marbled floor, and mopped their brow with an already damp towel. Being in the tour party challenged their very being. Assembling by the appointed time was not a problem for them, but waiting whilst others dawdled to their own internal clock was a rude awakening; as was the patent lack of interest in the ruins of ancient civilizations and the way of life of its peoples. If you don’t care about Incas, then don’t trek to Machu Picchu. If the Alhambra does not take your breath away, then stay clear of Granada. Take a vacation in Harrods, or Galeries Lafayette, or Macys. Anywhere but here.

They leaned back against the chalk covered column, gulping in the silence, gasping for an out to an intolerable situation, past breaking point.


The Lucy and Dick Show said...

The decorations under the tiled pieces look like Grover!

Joan Elizabeth said...

I read this one with absolute sympathy ... our first overseas trip was to NZ. It was a disaster and we've never taken an organised tour again.

much2ponder said...

Thank you for joining my blog. I stopped over here because I saw your face on my blog. I love the way you write. You are very talented with the English language. I loved reading your thoughts and views. I will come back again soon to see what's new over here. :)