Saturday, August 14, 2010

226. An Affair to Remember

It was hardly the Empire State Building, and Terry was not in a wheel-chair, but she giggled at the parallels. She first saw the film with her landlady in the autumn of ’66. Her life was not in the least romantic, and neither was Joy’s, and they often watched films that dripped with that which they craved.

She first noticed Nicky one lunch time while watching a game of giant-chess at the rear of the station entrance. Nicky played black, and Terry was in his direct line of sight. At the end of the match, he came over and introduced himself.

Their rendezvous became the station entrance. Neither of them was confident pursuing arelationship, having been burned in the past. They were guarded and wary, and there was an element of testing which was unhelpful. They decided to give it a break for six months and see how they felt.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

I smiled about this relationship thing. Now you declare on Facebook if you are in a relationship. Had me wondering how it all works when a girl can't quite make up her mind or a guy presumes too much a declares he is in a relationship with her to ward off opposing forces. A tricky world for the young 'uns.