Wednesday, August 25, 2010

237. Wither goest thou

Standing on her tippy toes, Glenda felt inadequate for searching Rob out. She wasn’t checking up on him, to see if he had remembered to come. It is true that old adage: ‘The only thing to fear is fear itself’. She hadn’t been fearful that Rob would not front, until it was obvious that he was not there. She shook her head, to clear the cobwebs.

She glanced at her watch, and smiled. Five minutes to go. She took a deep breath, to ease her tension. She liked to look at him unawares. To catch the shape of his shoulders, the light on the nape of his neck, the humming under his breath. She rubbed her fingers across her brow – her furrowed brow. That was all. She liked to observe him unannounced.

She turned to walk down the steps, to find Rob looking up, watching her, smiling.

‘Hello, goose!’

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Joan Elizabeth said...

Hey I missed this one. I like this story ... true to life and love the last line.