Sunday, August 15, 2010

227. Being centred

Waiting was not an issue for Stan, he was a master of the patience and forbearance required.

He had spent ten years as a Commonwealth Car Driver. What was heard in the car, stayed in the car, never over-step the mark, do your job, you are not their pal. Do not look bored. Devise a method of dealing with the interminable open-endedness of time, a narrative to run through your mind.

Stan had also addressed the physical imposts. He rarely remained inside the car, preferring to be on his feet, on the lookout for larrikins with 20c coins. He knew the condition of his vehicle, where the dings were, what duco needed detailing, how the tyres were travelling, and when the next rotation was due.

Once he had mastered all this, Stan realised that there was no emotional connection. He missed that. He needed that.

Stan now drives a hearse.


Joan Elizabeth said...

ooo an interesting twist in this tale.

jabblog said...

The last line made me laugh out loud!

Julie said...

Good ... that was the intent ... surprise.