Monday, August 30, 2010

242. Umbilical chord

Ever since childhood, music had been their saving grace. The upright piano had pride of place in the parlour at the front, and the violin and ‘cello ruled supreme in the sunroom out the back. Music, harmonious and otherwise, swathed the house.

Only eighteen months separated Rose and Lillian. Not that their birth order had ever really been an issue – well, not once Rose understood that Lillian was always mentioned first, was the tallest, the fastest and had the most gorgeous hair. Rose did not begrudge her sister those achievements – well, not once she gained her A.Mus. first.

They had lived in the house on Railway Parade all their lives, the last fifteen years without a parent under the same roof. It had been a most joyous house, and they had never wished to have left it.

Not that the opportunity arose. Not of the amorous kind, at any rate.


Joan Elizabeth said...

I have two cousins who have always lived together. One had a child who they jointly raised. Given that family is generally more compatible than even the best of spouses it must be an comfortable way to live ... however there is also that undertow of rivalry between siblings. I think you capture both very nicely in this story.

jabblog said...

Comfortable, safe, unchanging - but so sad when one of them dies.