Saturday, August 21, 2010

233. Counting one's blessings

Heather looked out from her balcony regularly doing what she called her ‘life sums’, balancing her own personal books. She kept her feet on the ground in this concrete way, being a very grounded person. Yes, she had a few health hassles, but much more to be grateful for. Not that she acknowledged any entity to which this appreciation need be shown, other than to herself. Hubris was anathema to her.

She had family, an extended family even, replete with a plethora of cousins across a diversity of state boundaries. She had friends, oh such wonderful, close and supportive friends, both male and female. Although she had ‘lost’ her life partner, she felt no compulsion to rectify that hole. She was content. She had her library, she had her music. She was well provided for. Silence was her friend.

The one thing that niggled was the ‘Waiting for Godot’ feeling.


jabblog said...

H'mm, yes, I've certainly had that feeling sometimes!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Frustrating thing that "Waiting for Godot". Imagine living until you are 100.