Thursday, August 19, 2010

231. Against the lights

Outward appearances can be deceptive, especially those brought about by age. Take Geoff and Anne, for instance. On the cusp of old age, both no longer in the work force, comfortable, middle class, educated, healthy. But look into their heart, look into their soul. And there beat hearts that march by different drums, souls that are free spirits.

They have been a couple since their mid teens, against the wishes of both sets of parents, to the horror of the community. If this had been England, social class would be mentioned about now, social class and religion. Geoff was of Protestant stock whilst Anne’s family looked to Rome. Back in the mid-sixties, young people toed the line more. Their sense of ‘entitlement’ rather less well honed than that of the generation that followed. They ran away, but were found and brought back.

Then Vietnam beckoned via the little white ball.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

That little white ball did dominate young men in our time didn't it. Poor things for whom it fell.