Tuesday, February 2, 2010

33. On being a citizen

The drive for unquestioning obedience baffled her -
A square peg in a round hole.
When others stepped forward, she stepped back.
Asking why exploded from within,
She digged, and delved ,making acquaintance with the dark side;
The straight and the narrow held little attraction.

Evenso, the spotlight found her, magnifying her deeds;
Victory and excellence was hers for the taking
Rarely was effort or desire or will demanded.
An exquisitely formed individual, blessed by the gods
Not understanding that ability is a two edged sword,
Hence, losing her way early, enticed by the Snow Queen.

Self-delusion and hubris is the modern abyss
Into which an adoration of the singular condemns the individual.
An acquisitive march toward Mammon has been supplanted
By a blasé, empty gaze that has neither focus, intent nor joy.
Reassessing the core value of being a branch on a tree
May divert this trajectory toward destruction.


Vicki said...

Intriguing. Mysterious even. I like the rhythm of this. Lilting. Well, it is in my head anyway. :)

Julie said...

I am glad that I worked on this piece yesterday, as I have spent a lot of this morning reading Poe's "Raven" out loud, and the rhythm in that is to die for!

diane said...

Interesting shot and lovely words with rhythm.

tapirgal said...

Stunning image, very creative.