Thursday, February 4, 2010

35. Not on the same page

“No! You cannot do that to me! You SAID you would be here. You promised!” Her voice resounded above the suburban murmur. She stormed off, flouncing her hair in time with her pique. This was a watershed moment. The moment where there is no going back, the bridge being not only out, but looking like it never existed. Before her yawned the divide between faith and belief, one just is and the other demands construction.

She loved Timbo with all her spiritual being and all her physical strength. But a partnership cannot thrive on that alone; there must be a pathway down which they mutually agree to travel. Danni had come to terms with burning ambition, she had co-mingled pristine ability and tawdry avarice early in her twenties.

She russell’d the mobile across the pavement, skimming the blue-metal concrete before watching it shatter against the base of a telegraph pole.


Vicki said...

“…flouncing her hair in time with her pique.” What a great description. You come out with some beauties.

Will she or won’t she go back to Timbo?

Joan Elizabeth said...

"her hair in time with her pique" that was the phrase that was a standout for me too. You have a wonderful way of building an image with your words.