Monday, February 15, 2010

46. Don't look back

The whistles no longer disturbed her. They weren’t directed at her, as such. Therefore, they didn’t denigrate her. Admittedly, she had thought that at the beginning. Thought it was something to do with her. With the way she dressed. With the way she walked. With the type of woman she was. It had put the wind up her to such an extent that she mentioned it to Robyn at Fellowship.

No, you are not cheap. No, you don’t have a scarlet letter stencilled on your forehead. It is their problem. Something males do; maybe through insecurity or lack of maturity. Who knows? You just keep walking. Don’t take a different route. This will only reinforce your sense of guilt. Hold your head high. Wear the clothes you enjoy. Look straight ahead, and keep walking. Do not acknowledge. Do not provoke.

She reached the corner and, without looking back, strode on.


GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

This week's images have us imagining " 'what's beyond' 'around the corner' 'behind the green door'?"

Love the fictional component of your riffs!


Vicki said...

I like the voice you portray here of a young woman who thought she must somehow be to blame for the wolf whistles.

Though the days of being whistled at are long gone for me, it never used to worry me. I would do as you say, neither acknowledge nor provoke, but secretly I felt flattered. Certainly not denigrated, nor threatened in any way.

Joan Elizabeth said...

This made me chuckle ... reminded of when I lived in a half way house. One of the girls sat on the front step wolf whistling the guys on the construction site next door ... they complained and she was made go inside.

I do like your fictional posts.

diane said...

Good for her!