Thursday, February 11, 2010

42. A roof over one's head

They both include it: the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. A basic right of humanity is to have the safety and security of shelter. Being human, we quickly latched onto the esteem and self-actualisation pointy-end of Maslow conceptualising a five bedroom, three bathroom, two garage mc-mansion, on a quarter acre block, valued into seven figures, on the right side of the tracks willed to our heirs and successors forever.

Not only to the detriment of the planet. This tirade is not about carbon footprints or resource usage. This is about greed and stupidity to the detriment of the individual. Shelter is redefined as being secure and comfortable in our own little nest. The modern need is to come home, close the door and keep the rest of the world at bay, aphorised as “a man’s home is his castle”.

The unknown no longer holds us thrall.


Vicki said...

Very well said, Julie, I wholeheartedly agree.

Greed is going to be/is the undoing of this planet. I have no doubt about that. The evidence is already there.

diane said...

A home is a home,is ahome, is a home. We were discussing today how some homeless people choose to live like that and deny help.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Ah but a nest large or small doesn't have to have the door shut -- it can be a place of both personal delight and welcoming hospitality -- to me that is the type of home of my childhood and my ideal. There is nothing nicer than a knock at the door and a reason to make a cuppa.