Monday, February 22, 2010

53. Weathergate

The weather unleashes confusion on the populace with its heat, its humidity and its variability. Bewildered, we cope with torrential storms that unleash 100 mm within an evening. Perplexed, we grapple with temperatures that plummet twenty degrees within the hour.

The panting city quivers. The air is enveloped with heat. The earth is enclosed by heat. The very shade beneath the trees is swaddled with heat. The baking footpaths shimmer. The sultry air stifles the passageways and transpires all foliage. This furnace of air wafts skywards, extracting moisture from the already parched earth, withdrawing breath from each withered throat.

An exhausted mirage, the city levitates and climbs upwards to the building cumulus, themselves skyscraping in rolling banks along the southern horizon, multiplying toward explosion point.

Weather is to climate but a second cousin twice removed, a tenuous relationship that befuddles our thinking . We spin in an ocean of half-truths.


Julie said...

Golly gosh it was hot and humid today. Plays havoc with my neuropathy.

This is very overdrawn. There is something in there that I want to say. Just need to take the Mills and Boon out of it.

diane said...

It just sounds like you had a hot day and you have described what we have been going through for the last month. My poor, UK expat, kids are down there without aircon, I wonder how they survived the day.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Agree the story got a bit overheated but I liked " The very shade beneath the trees is swaddled with heat"

And yes we do spin in an ocean of half-truths on the whole weather thing. That's why I've taken to inspecting the historic weather records because I find that I'm not really an accurate judge ... today always feels hotter, colder, wetter, dryer than last year and it is good to inject some objectivity into things.

Vicki said...

Just a tad on the purple side, but you’ve captured the essence of a baking Australian summer day really well.

My favourite line: We spin in an ocean of half-truths. I couldn’t agree more.