Saturday, February 27, 2010

58. Rebuked

Win Tu had stormed around the apartment all morning. This often happened after an expensive all night session of blackjack. Henry had learnt that, for his wife, blackjack and Tsingtao was an explosive mixture. This morning was no different. “You very boring man.” She flung at him as she stumbled around the apartment shattering glassware and overturning photographs. “I find me young man with more spunk, Aussie man.”

As he walked the three blocks to his office, this outburst echoed around Henry’s head. It wasn’t the first time he had suffered this rebuke. He understood he was boring, but he was well respected, and that meant much to him. Hard work and dedication had earned him equality with his peers at work and acknowledgement from the families as he mingled in the Marigold each evening.

He crossed George Street, entered his building and took the lift to the 28th floor.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

You have painted totally believable characters here.