Friday, March 5, 2010

64. Body language

There is a gentleness here that passeth all understanding, that belies the cacophony of noise and colour of grime in the background. And it is not only in the delicate curl of the hand, but also in the respectful tilt of the head signalling that listening and thinking are both occurring.

Body language can reveal much about the human condition. Walking along a track early in the morning, sun rising, birds twittering and a young woman progressing towards you, lowers her eyes and passes by - silently. A herd of labourers on a building site follow the sassy broad with their slavish eyes, as she negotiates the narrow plank, thrusting their groin in a gruesome pack appreciation.

The glint from the solid band encircling each ring finger indicates that neither is a stranger to Thomas’ milky woods and his bucking ranches of the night. But that is a private matter.


Joan Elizabeth said...

There is so much interesting body language here I don't think you needed the detour to the building site.

Julie said...

I tried to write just looking at the two girls, but kept getting side-tracked by race and I did not think this fair, nor do I know enough not to sound sanctimonious. So ... I tried to broaden it by comparing to other uses of body language.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Fair enough. My writing goes of on unrelated rambles all the time.

Anonymous said...

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