Wednesday, March 24, 2010

83. Eyes wide open

Rochelle stretched out under the blanket listening to the branch scratch to-and-fro on the window pane. The thought of the day ahead made her quiver with anticipation. She could already hear Aunty Nola showering in the next room. The ferry to the zoo, they would meet Pa and chug across the harbour to the Athol Street Wharf, before taking the cable car to the top.

She tugged open all three drawers to her tallboy. What to wear. What to wear. What to wear. She just knew her mother would cluck away. “You’ll be on the harbour, love. You’ll need a top.” A jumble of jumpers splayed across the rug. Yes, my cap, my tattoo bonnet - just the thing. And, and, and - the toe socks from Aunty Nola last night. Perfect. Mum will have a fit!

She flung herself ‘round the banister and chortled her way down to breakfast.


diane said...

A very amusing photograph.Don't you just love kids.I like your Riff. I'm following Jen McVeity's "Seven Steps to Successful Writing" programme to help the kids at school. It is interesting that she tell's kids to 'Ban the Boring Bits", which include the boring B words...Bed, Breakfast and Bus. She is encouraging kids to leave out; getting up, having breakfast and travelling. She tells them to go straight to the action. In your case I guess it IS the action. I like the bit..What to wear. What to wear. What to wear.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Great photo and interesting story. Aunty Nola has good taste ... I've always striven to be that Aunty ... the one that gives the kids annoying toys.

Mary Ann said...

You're very brave, Julie. Your riffs enter the minds of every type of person, even children--and they're tough. It's very hard to get the mind of a child right. I like the part where she already knows what her mother will say to her and deliberately sets out to drive her crazy. Rings true enough to me.