Monday, March 22, 2010

81. Starting out

The balls of Shana’s feet were throbbing. She had been on the go since six this morning, unloading the ovens out in Tempe, and stacking the steaming loaves into Dean’s Hilux. After eight months without a job, she was tickled pink, no matter how much her feet ached.

The biggest buzz for her was the contact with her customers. Fleeting it might be, but usually there was a grin and a ‘Thank you’. The more customers she served, the faster the day went. The faster the day, the quicker payday came around. And this coming payday was of particular significance.

Last December, when she received the job offer , Shana had discussed with her mother when she could pay her own way. They had agreed that as soon as Shana’s bank account rolled into four digits, board would be due.

She smiled to herself. She had plans all mapped out.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Another strong woman emerging.

Mary Ann said...

The smiles for the customers and the smile for herself at the end--I like what you've done here.