Thursday, March 11, 2010

70. I don't think so!

Madhu moved slowly and deliberately. With her eyes cast to the ground, and her head in the clouds, she made of herself a small target. It occurred to Helen that this could be by dint of her age, rather than either her race or her gender. There was a massive element of politeness in the body language.

Helen had ensconced herself at a table in the almost deserted forecourt of the old Customs House building. From there she could indulge one of her favourite past-times – people watching.

A smile played around the edges of her mouth. “I wonder if she is aware of the irony of that bloody bag!” Helen's interest, though, was in the stick. Madhu was holding it in an “all the better to hit you with” hold, not to add to her surefootedness.

“What a magnificent crook. I’d love that on my side in a dark alley.”


Abbeysmum said...

Hi Julie, just been reading your review of the French film festival, wouldn't accept my comment over there.
I get a daily small French lesson via email from "Bitesized French"...I am sure if you google it you will find the link, I find the audio quite helpful.

Julie said...

Hello Abbeysmum, I am not sure why Plumbing would not accept your comment, but I appreciate it here. I have sussed out Bite-Sized and have registered for the drip feed and also taken on the twitter feed. So very much appreciated.

Joan Elizabeth said...

This one is more or less a description of what I can see in front of me. In particular I like the last line.

Julie said...

Ooops ... yes I can see that now. Exactly what I was trying to avoid. Drats.

I shall keep it in mind for this coming week. At the moment, I plug one hole in the dyke and water pours in through another hole.