Sunday, March 21, 2010

80. A continuing journey

Waiting for the Tangara to glide into the platform, Kenny read the poster pinned to the wall. ‘Do not leave belongings unprotected’. ‘Report any suspicious parcels left alone.’ He moved slowly down the platform, catching the averting eye of a grey-haired gentleman reading the morning paper. ‘Another boat-load of illegal refugees batter our northern shores’ screamed from below the masthead of the Telegraph.

Kenny Nguyen felt unease stiffen his shoulder blades. He stared at his shuffling shoes. He was born in this country, yet he looked foreign. If he could but speak those around him could hear he was true blue, hear he was as broad as they. Each day, as he travelled out to Kensington, he gained a greater appreciation of the courage of his grandfather, Son Trung, negotiating the South China Seas in that leaky craft in the spring of ’76. Kenny needed courage from a different drum.


Abbeysmum said...

Hi Julie, Just to let you know I opened email from Facebook support and it infected my whole computer, it just took a tech guy 2 hours to fix it, be is world wide

Joan Elizabeth said...

This is a great example of making a powerful statement without putting yourself in the frame.