Saturday, March 6, 2010

65. A river's song

As the steady beat resounded through the courtyard, the milling crowd hesitated, coming to a mesmerised halt as he started the familiar refrain, “Give me love, love, love, love, crazy love”. He usually had them early into a bracket. Chairs scraped the cobblestones, finding a place to chill beneath the canvas.

Anne-Marie absorbed the curve of his spine as she approached from behind, remembering her fingers running down the ageing but still taut back just the evening before. A smile played at her mouth at the thought of the ponytail tumbling around his shoulders, a remnant of his youth still necessary after all these years.

She circled the edge of the crowd, looking for a perch where she could feel at one with him. “Yes, it makes me mellow down to my soul”. He hesitated slightly, but could not stop the sparkle in his eyes as they sought her out.

A member of the Weekend Writer's Retreat


Calico Crazy said...

Nice, it's a great photo and the storyline accompanying it is perfect, a glimpse at an intimate moment. Thanks for sharing with the Weekend Writer's Retreat.

diane said...

Easy flowing words for an easily enjoyed photo.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I like it too. When you write stories you are at your very best ... we're drawn into the enchantment of this one.

Julie said...

Hah! I was worried that it bordered on the sloppy, yet again! I am about ready to do another linked story across a week. Shall see what I can set up.

Grandma said...

The intimacy of watching a loved one play in public seems indescribable to me. Yet you have done so with perfection. Beautiful.

Thanks so much for sharing your work at the Weekend Writers' Retreat. Hope to see lots more of you.

Alice Audrey said...

Aw, what a sweet scene.

I was late posting, but I also did Weekend Writer's Retreat.

Julie said...

Thank you for letting me know, Audrey. I usually go back to my memes as the week progresses to see who else has posted after the first blush. Just not able to do it on my Monday as that is my French class and my afterenoon for rewriting my notes.

I am over there to WWR now.