Wednesday, June 16, 2010

167. Shipshape

Young Will made his way down to the Heritage Pier on a regular basis. He enjoyed wallowing in the nostalgia of people and events from the past that the sight of the ships always evoked for him. Jim could criticise him for all he was worth – he and his brother had long since gone their separate ways. Mammon was hard pressed to claim more than one from this family!

Each time as he made his way warily down the gang-plank, the gaggle of ropes that anchored the ship in its bay were magically transformed into the multi-coloured streamers that snapped as the old Oriana departed from the Overseas Terminal to the strains of the Maori Farewell. Invariably, as the ship pulled away from the pier, Elsie would shed a tear beside him, never knowing if her only daughter would return from London this time or be lost to her forever.

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