Sunday, June 20, 2010

171. Whilst waiting for a nibble

Fishing is an interior monologue, and it shows.

Clarrie and Joe have frequented this section of the harbour since their early teens. To begin with it was only Saturday afternoons instead of going to the Neutral Bay ‘Arcadia’ to watch re-runs of ‘Hopalong Cassidy’ or ‘The Lone Ranger’ following the latest edition of the Movietone Newsreel. Both Clarrie and Joe much preferred being out in the open, especially if it involved the sea.

As they grew older, their Saturday started earlier and earlier, and although their ‘band of brothers’ grew to be in excess of a dozen, women included, they were only on a nod- and-grunt acquaintance with the rest of them. The narrowness of their interests began to show in the way they disported themselves and in their mode of dress. They became more isolated from the mainstream.

Not that it caused grief to either Clarrie or to Joe.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

You've made real characters of them. As always reading the Riff is a highlight of my visits in blogdom.