Friday, June 25, 2010

176. The mists of time

Neither Peter nor David had been back to the island for just over ten years. They did not want to dredge up the past, rake over cold coals or any other off-hand descriptions of past events where participants have differing memories and jaundiced emotions. And who were they to assess the life choices of their parents. How to walk in shoes that are so big to fill?

Leaving their loafers on the pier, they jumped over the outlet pipes and walked along the old sandstone wall that shored up the water’s edge on the leeward side of the island. They knew they were in dangerous territory emotionally. The patch of seaweed was still out from the point, swaying to the mysterious beat of the tides, thick and murky and treacherous.

In their mind’s eye, they could see the brilliant blue of Julian’s goggles as he dived that one last time.

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