Saturday, June 19, 2010

170. A twig on a branch

Howard had always been good with his hands from when he was a wee lad turning his trike upsidedown checking the steering. First came the 50s version of the Bob-the-Builder belt, quickly followed by his own bench and shelf space in his father’s shed. Roy was a bit miffed by his offspring’s talent, but made way eventually.

Retired himself, Howard still had the same can-fix attitude. Carole opined that if it moved, her father would paint it, but Howard noticed she was not backward in keeping a list of ‘jobbies’ for him when he went ‘round there for Wednesday evening tea with the grandkids.

Howard always felt a twinge of regret that young Liam did not seem to carry the ‘shed’ gene. Liam reckoned that Pa could not see that being able to wire any two pieces of electronic gadgetry together, was the ‘now’ version of the same old song.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

Yep, my brothers did the electonic version of my Dad's engineering genes. It's all about tinkering.