Saturday, June 26, 2010

177. Isolation of the mind

Julian would be isolated no matter where he lived. There was an impenetrable barrier between him and life. Peter and David knew that their parents did not think this way, and would not tolerate thoughts like that. To some extent the barrier surrounded Simon and Harriet as well.

They chose to remain on the island, to remain in their house overlooking the bay, and its dark patch. They chose to refit the old boat shed to meet Julian’s needs – which were meagre. His brain had been starved of oxygen too long. He could breath but that was about all. Helen Porter, who had lived on the island for two years at the time of the ‘accident’ was employed to provide his daily nursing needs.

Simon set up his office in the rear of the boat-shed and Harriet read softly to Julian each morning as the sun streamed through the windows.


Julie said...

Interesting to see which Riffs moved you each to comment.

Thank you for going along with me even though you knew I was not reading along each day.

Now I will be a few days behind when I return ... but shall catch myself up.

diane said...

Nice story but I think the boat house looks more like one where adultery and murder take place. Can you tell I watch crime shows on TV?