Tuesday, June 22, 2010

173. We're all in this together

They had worked side-by-side in this cafe by the water for just over twelve years. They were only business partners to begin with, both newly divorced and immensely aware that their twenty-odd years of home-making and family-raising provided them with very slender skills when it came to crafting a viable financial concern.

They were on the receiving end of all the advice in the world, well-meaning friends obviously thinking they were in over their heads with neither the back-bone nor the ticker to start from the ground up, be able to live off the proceeds, and enjoy them self all at the same time.

What Anne and Carly recognised was that success was all about cleanliness, friendliness and ambience. If they remained true to their own ‘voice’, others who synchronised with that voice would be drawn to their cafe. They were authentic to their own voice from the get go.

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