Thursday, June 17, 2010

168. Out of her depth

This was not the first time that Rita had come face to face with her own limitations. It was not a position that she revelled in.

From childhood, Rita had been known as a gregarious person, perhaps even a social butterfly. She enjoyed the company of others, and they her. She listened attentively, and spoke divertingly. She also had the singular ability to know when to remain quiet. She had an enquiring mind which she fed regularly. Although a big woman – what was known as ‘raw boned’ – Rita was physically active, being a member of The Ramblers and participating in up to three walks per week mostly of the ‘moderate’ length of four to five hours. She could be seen with her Bushnells, steadying herself on a tree-trunk endeavouring to identify some finch or other in the undergrowth.

Rita usually chose her company carefully – that judgement eluded her this time.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Moderate - four to five hours!

Joop Zand said...

Very nice and a good composition.

greetings, Joop