Sunday, June 27, 2010

178. On the road again

Ginny had the measure of this life-style now, although she still did not like it. However, she had come to terms with its requirements and its implications, and could live with it for a few years longer.

She had set herself a rigorous routine. Still get seven hours sleep in a bed. Never sleep in a plane. Never drink alcohol in either the terminal or the plane. Only two cups of coffee per day and make sure they were quality beans. During the flight, no matter how long, eat buns and drink water. Nothing else. And every hour, walk the length of the plane five times.

So, if they were the requirements, what were the implications? Two loomed large in her consciousness: firstly, this cemented her usefulness to the company and her dedication was apparent for all to see; secondly, her social life – and love life – were both on hold.

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