Wednesday, June 23, 2010

174. Sounds from within

Joey was between a rock and a hard place. He was mesmerised by the sound of the raised voices, and sensed the spotlight of suspicion upon him for eaves-dropping. His right foot was raised to the top step, and he felt an intense quiver pulse up and through his calf, through his thigh and reside in the small of his back. He let out a muffled groan and massaged the palm of his hand into the top of his buttock.

The light was intense on the back of his eyeballs, the sounds shrill in his ear.
If he moved he was done for. He now understood being rooted to the spot. The pulse in his temple beat fit to burst. His right eye developed a familiar tick, at the juncture with his nose.

His chest felt tight and the tell-tale rose flushed up his chest flooding his neck and jaw.

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Julia Smith said...

Interesting piece to come from the photo prompt. Both the photo and the scene take place in between places.