Monday, July 12, 2010

193. Nose to the grindstone

At the end of her tether, Geri strode down from the station in the general direction of the financial hub of George and Bridge Streets. She was more than ready for a change of routine but, her reach being greater than her grasp, life would not accommodate even the smallest measure of change. She was addicted to that regular fortnightly ‘ching’ into her bank account.

Feeling the dead-weight of ‘consequences’ dragging along behind, she did a mental riffle through her usual mind-altering tricks. She had no holidays in the pipe-line. Her relationship with Iain was on its last legs. Her share-apartment was going along smoothly, but mainly because both she Jenny were like ships in the night. Not much there to lighten the mood.

So, back to the old staple: winning Oz-Lotto and divvying up the spoils. That will take her mind off stark reality for a block or two.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Though it might not be regular and certainly not fornightly I am still addicted to that 'ching'.

fRANK d said...

your pictures tell a million stories. This one is she...
...late for work
...going to meet her lover
...running away from a spy
...hoping to get to the store before it closes the man following her
...what is she looking at.