Wednesday, July 21, 2010

202. Lost and found

Lost within a world of her own, Grace desperatey wanted to overcome her discomfort in her own skin. She was a small delicate soul in a gauche awkward body. A perfect example of what you see is not always what you get – a disconnect between books and covers.

Grace had known Jassen since childhood. They had grown up on the same housing estate, attended the same school, played in the same orchestra. Jassen had hitched his star to the ‘cool’ group and travelled far from his family in his desire to be popular and connected. He was articulate, fashionable, and influential in a way that Grace found perplexing.

And yet, here they were, apparently an ‘item’. Grace was confused. Confused by her emotions. Confused by the disjuncture between her brain and her heart, her intelligence and her emotion, her dreams and cold, hard reality.

What did he see in her?

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Clytie said...

He saw the truth of who she really was under the awkward confusion.