Saturday, July 31, 2010

212. Packaging hot air

Josie presented herself immaculately. A beige linen skirt brushed her calves as she strode the cobblestone alley-way between the cafe and her office along the canal. As her brisk tread measured the distance, her quick brain was running the conversation in her head. She needed to counter the argument and to impress. The only way she knew how, was to be on the front foot from the get-go. William would be on her left and old Mr Holstein at the head of the board table to her right. James would be straight ahead. She must remember not to let her eyes linger on him but to be professional, and exude an air of competence.

She swung through the archway on her patent black flats, brushing her silk camel blouse across the gloss of the door jamb. A wisp of steam flu’ed up from the untouched coffee. Her heart fluttered within.


Clytie said...

I do the same thing when faced with a talking situation - I play the entire conversation in my head - before it happens!

It usually doesn't go the way I envision, though. :=}

Julie said...

Yes, I do it, too. I suspect many do. As I age it has altered slightly. I now do't play through a conversation in its totality, but rather try to 'guess' as many variants as possible.

Princess of many sorts. said...

Gorgeous photos, and i am reading more then i comment:)

Have a nice day - SP