Friday, July 30, 2010

211. Global positioning

Finding one’s direction is a test of character. Some people rely on the GPS on the dashboard, ensure it has the latest version and press buttons and slide screens until it sings in a language moderne. Other people slip the five year old Gregory’s from the glove-box and madly flip pages as they idle at the lights. And yet other folk, stick their head out the window and do a quick calculation of the angle of the sun and reckon they need to go ‘that-a-way’.

Finding one’s direction in life bears a striking similarity. Some people want to do it their way, to them the journey is more important that the destination. What they see and experience is immeasurably more precious than items they acquire along the way. Jessica was one such person.

With few external trappings, Jess lived a life of simple happiness, rarely knowing which way was up.

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Clytie said...

I know how Jessica feels. I'm a kind of a fly-with-the-wind kind of person myself.