Monday, July 26, 2010

207. From ear to smiling ear

The concept of shyness, of reticence, of life as a shrinking violet is not even a blimp on the radar for Nathan. A born performer, he hit the footlights at birth and has been a hoofer ever since, with the personality to match.

He is fascinated by people. He likes them. He approaches them, asks them what they are doing, and why. He hones in on every nuance of emotion, catching the flagging spirit, the jaded response. His networking is hard-wired, but capable of adaptation. When Andy and Bron enter a room they understand that he has already snuck through the tangle of legs over to the buffet to find a plate to offer ‘round. He is akin to a god-fearing pastor who has techniques for keeping track of new members of his flock.

One hopes, as he travels through life, that he finds someone atune to his own frequency.

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