Sunday, July 18, 2010

199. Moving forward together

Chloe and Brian had been together for just over nine years. Was it over nine years since that crazy midnight swim in the local river hole? Brian had been coping well for quite a while now, but it was all down to character. The ability to suck up misfortune, not to dwell, not to rage, not to blame. Suck up the hurt, the disappointment, the confusion. Move on. Preferably forward. No sense in repeating the past. Learn from it. Move forward.

Chloe came through the normal channel for seeing-eye-dogs. She had all the necessary characteristics, thousands had been poured into her training. They bonded quickly, helped by Brian’s positive attitude. Helped by his unwavering determination to get back on track. Not the track he bestrode prior to that fateful dive. But a track with a beginning, middle and end.

He valued her. She adored him. They were moving forward together.