Friday, July 16, 2010

197. In a world of her own

The pavement is scruffy and littered with obstacles. Cassie navigates on auto-pilot as she hurries to accomplish her lunch-break tasks: pick up the book she ordered at the ABC Shop in QVB; and checkout the Priceline 30% off sale. She is oblivious to the more extreme forms of ugly that invade the city streets. Her feet are killing.

She has only a hundred metres of concrete to negotiate to her first point of call, but she knows she has to avoid the woeful guitarist outside the Comm Bank, swerve around the ‘Big’ seller on Woolies corner before he shoves a copy under her arm, then take the diagonal across to the statue of the old Queen, trying to avoid the two or three chalk pavement artists in the forecourt. All the time trying to ensure she is not flattened by any one of a half dozen crazy couriers on bicycles.


Clytie said...

It sounds like she may be a bit timid ... I hope she got her chores finished!

Joan Elizabeth said...

You've made a lunch time walk through the city sound very interesting.