Tuesday, July 27, 2010

208. Drifting on a lazy afternoon

Tim grew up on the north coast in the township of Byron Bay. He had always been involved with music, growing up as he did, with a mother who taught piano and voice to half his primary school. Her studio was the sunroom along the north-eastern side of the house, where the morning sun would stream through the louvers, dancing the dust motes to the vibrating chords.

He and Irene marched to the beat of a similar drum, simpatico in both nature and interests. They only diverged after Ron joined the teaching staff and he an Irene entered into a relationship. It was not so much that Tim disapproved of Ron, it was more that he simply did not like him. The resulting friction drove a wedge between mother and son that was difficult to resolve.

Tim’s creativity flourished, his personal life veering wildly under the influence of conniving svengalis.

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