Tuesday, April 13, 2010

103. Laundry day

The atmosphere was thick enough to cut with a knife, intense and discomforting. Janus was disgruntled, Elena was sullen, and they washed their dirty laundry in public. Who is to know what the underlying issues are in relationships. All that becomes apparent is the series of straws. And yet, here we had what appeared to be a long-serving camel’s back.

There are domestics woven from deeply held passions, passions which under pressure erupt into fisticuffs, expletives and much frothing at the mouth. But the passion is apparent. Other domestics are a sad grinding down and wearing away of the very fabric of the union, and erosion like, all that remains is the fissure. Here, the beige silences were longer than the hisses through tightly pressed lips.

Eventually, a bus appeared upon the wavering horizon. Elena stepped off in the direction of David Jones and, without looking back, crossed the street.


Clytie said...

Wow. This is very moving. There's something to be said about not airing one's dirty laundry in public! I can see the tension in the picture, and feel the tension in the words. Very well written.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Interesting that here you have chosen to stay outside the people rather than entering into one or other the feuding parties. I want to get in closer to hear what's going on.

Julie said...

Goodo ... that cheers me. Yes, I could have done that. Like how I entered into Percy. However, what I was trying to indicate was that neither person would allow me inside. They had closed down their inside. It was beige.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Then it worked a treat!