Friday, April 30, 2010

120. Taking a back seat

Women have a reputation for being back seat drivers. Could this be because they frequently have to take a back seat? Interesting how our language is used to say one thing, while meaning something quite different.

A back-seat-driver is one with lots of firm opinions, but without the responsibility for implementing those opinions. In an inversion of the original, a back-seat-driver is someone who is heard but not seen. One can be a back-seat-driver from the passenger’s seat.

Women frequently find themselves consigned to the back seat. Someone else, who speaks louder, enters the room, and poof! Occasionally, one who is consigned to the back seat, takes on the role of back-seat-driver. Peter Costello and Paul Keating come to mind!

Our intrepid back-seat-drivers are contributing to the forward progress of their vehicle, which is more than can be said for one of the front-seat-drivers, wired for sound as she is.


Everyday Goddess said...

We could use those kinds of people powered things here in the States!

the dual steering wheels is kind of hilarious. How does that work?!?

Clytie said...

I enlarged the picture, and laughed at the dual steering wheels. Also, everyone seems to have their left leg down. Imaginary brakes? This looks like so much fun!

Julie said...

I have added another version to 'The History Train'. Still need to work on it, to do that scarey rhyme thing.

Joan Elizabeth said...

My hubbie is the most awful back seat driver whenever he isn't in the driving seat. I of course am not.

diane said...

I wish our car had duel brakes, I'm always using them when Bill drives.

Alice Audrey said...

The women in my family took the steering wheel generations ago, and haven't relinquished it yet.