Friday, April 23, 2010

113. The Famous Five take the Reins

Timmy raced ahead, down the green slope, and slipped in the mud beside the bridge. He was a silly dog. George laughed at his funny antics. She was so pleased to be trotting on her brown pony.

‘Oh, do look at the queer little island, out there.’ exclaimed Anne pointing to the middle of the lake.

Julian could not hide his excitement. ‘I think we might have an exciting adventure out there later in the week. Come on, Dick, don’t be a slow coach’.

Dick was trying to make his slow pony cross the gravel pathway and go down the grassy slope. He was not sure he had a good pony, but he had been last to choose.

‘Hello, hello’ shouted Aunt Fanny from the picnic table in the park. The children were so pleased to see her. They were ready for sandwiches after their tiring ride in the park.


Clytie said...

Adventure on an island! My imagination is going overboard here!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Yes very Enid Blytonish. "Dick don't be such a slow coach." "Oh, do look at the queer little island, out there".

Julie said...


You have no idea how hard that was to write. To pare sentences down like that ... I had to flick through quite a few FF books at the second-hand shop and then have an Amazon 'look-inside' open as I wrote. And to be genuine, rather than sarcastic.

Enough of this frivolity ... the purpose of all this is that I think it important that I arrive at my own writing style, and by pulling myself in lots of ways, I understand my boundaries and what language to use when.

diane said...

I admire your passion for writing.