Wednesday, April 21, 2010

111. Mr Innocent Businessman

As the party turned in his direction, Bob stepped into the shadow of the palms. It had been a long morning and, his quarry being elusive, Bob’s confidence was waning. He was struggling to see how the exchange was going to be made. The instructions of the caller had been followed to the letter – family grouping including mother and remaining child, money in a black and blue back-pack.

This looked for all the world like a family grouping. The little tyke was doing a fantastic job. So was Gina, but Bob knew she would when he choose her from the Surry Hills station. Good female coppers are worth their weight in this sort of fluid investigation. He slapped his ankle where a lone midge was taking advantage.

It seemed to be only a split second, yet he had no idea where the Coffee Cart came from. All hell broke loose.


diane said...

More! More1 More!

Janet said...

Good one! Very intriguing - loved it, Julie :)

Joan Elizabeth said...

Yep we're hooked.

Clytie said...

I'm echoing here - More! More! More!

Julie said...

Ah, so this response is telling me lots about YOU guys, rather than about my story or my writing. There are some genres that are inherently more interesting than others.

I had two problems with this one when comparing it to No. 109. I did not get the clipped style right here. Secondly, no copper in his right mind would take a kid along on a job like this. Nor would it be approved.