Saturday, April 24, 2010

114. Contemplating his navel

Clive was betwixt and confused.
He was merry of heart, he loved
his paltry life, he looked forward
to whatever, and more.

Just that
everything he touched
at the moment crumbled.
Became sand through an inane hour-glass.

He never knew if he was coming or going,
Arthur or Martha, Amos or Andy.
He would be pleased if
the spinning stopped, real soon now.

It wasn’t that he was sexually ambivalent.
He’d played the game every which way,
including up. Genderly he was –
parallel would describe it.

Thwack! No such bloody creature, he chastises.
Oh, but yes there is, comes the answer.
He realises that is the first sign of ... of what?
Can’t be progress, must be madness.

He squished the fag-end
into the splintered plank.
He needed the stub of a Faber-Castel
and the back of an envelope.

Sex matters. Gender doesn’t.
Nor does age. The answer isn’t 42.

A member of the Weekend Writer's Retreat


corticoWhat said...

I've stumbled across your blog quite accidentally but am pleased with what I found. Neat concept and well written. If you can write for 251 more days, I can read them (with any luck).

Joan Elizabeth said...

Julie this is a powerful piece. The ending is very very good.

diane said...

Deep and meaningful navel gazing.

Julie said...

mmm ... taa ... thank you, even.

All this shilly-shallying around is helping, strange as that may seem. Another friend, who is a published and accoladed author, told me just to write, write, write.

And she is ... right ...

Julia Smith said...

'The answer isn’t 42.'

Love that! Also:


Your poem really goes in different directions, just like Clive's ruminations. Really enjoyed this.

Mary Ann said...

The connection between the photo and the text was quite believable and lively and inventive. Well done!

Alice Audrey said...

I used to know a lot of people like this. Then I did the family thing,and a fresh breeze blew my life a completely different direction.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

This is interesting and begs a few re-reads. It has an "aimlessly musing" quality that feels very authentic. No conclusion is reached, but that's okay. Pretty cool.

Forgetfulone said...

Found you from WWR! Loved this piece! Great ending, too. Thanks for sharing.