Friday, April 9, 2010

99. Above her station

As Denise twirled the diamond on her left hand, her hips rocked hypnotically from side to side, her face disssolving into a caricature of dissatisfaction. Keith knew that the first word from her mouth would be ‘skanky’. He scanned the menu over her shoulder, being assailed by Chanel’s ‘Allure’ which had been the must-have from the ground floor of David Jones’ Elizabeth Street store yesterday.

‘Aw, real skanky like. Nah, we deserve better.’

Keith’s enthusiasm plummeted and already he could do with an ice-cold beer even though they were hunting for a suitable joint for breakfast. He took a long soothing drag and, picking a stray glob of tobacco from his tongue, pointed to the Big Breakfast in the top right hand corner.

‘That looks okay. S’got beans and bacon as well as eggs. All me fav’rites.’

Denise raised herself to her full height.

‘No, thank you. We’ll keep looking.’


diane said...

Good on Denise. A good one, Julie.

Everyday Goddess said...

I hope you will stop by soon to collect your Goddess Award from me soon!
~ Elise

TechnoBabe said...

Oh, a little too good for the breakfast huh. Nice writing. Congratulations on POTW from Goddess.

TMC said...

Congrats on your POTW win! :)

Julie said...

Elise, It means a lot to me when readers get pleasure out of my writings. I appreciate your plaudits and shall continue to craft away.

Thank you.

JeffScape said...

Maybe they should go to culinary school together and just stay at home and cook!

Nah... that'd be too easy.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Have been down to the beach for the weekend. Will be back to read your stories tonight .. I like to luxuriate in them :-)

Joan Elizabeth said...

I'm with Keith ... the big breakfast sounds great.