Tuesday, April 6, 2010

96. Time flies

Her skin glowed in the mid-morning light as she listened to his opinion of the bracket of Gregorian chant. She had bumped into Isaac the evening before on the football oval as she put the finishing touches to the performance of the local junior SATB choir. They had not seen each other since their university days where Chloe was whizzing through a music education degree and Isaac was struggling with his journalism studies. Well, struggling to fit the academic requirements into a life already overflowing. Chloe chuckled at the memory. He was striking even then, just too unfocussed.

She watched the laughter lines that crinkled like crow’s feet from the corner of his eyes. She liked the way he laughed with his eyes – it transformed his face. Being clean shaven complemented the receding hair-line.

‘The bass baritone could have been used to fuller effect ...’

Chloe heard the waiting silence.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Good one ... no anxst and a light touch. The photo is just beautiful with the light on her lovely hair.

diane said...

Great light effect. I liked the last line.